Next Local Meeting Thursday, May 16th at 17:00

Our next Member's meeting will be in PCC S169 (the theatre)

Convention call outs are happening for the upcoming 34th Bienneal Convention!

The HEU biennial convention is held every 2 years and is when delegates come together to decide on the Unions goals for the upcoming years

and elect our Erovincial Executive body.

Membership Meeting
Thursday, May 16, 2024
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (PST)

HEU's 33rd Biennial Convention

More than 600 delegates elected 26 Provincial Executive (PE) members at HEU’s 33rd biennial convention in Vancouver held October 16-21. 

HEU president Barb Nederpel and financial secretary Betty Valenzuela were re-elected to their third terms in office.

Delegates also re-elected 1st vice-president Bill McMullan (Kardel local) and 2nd vice-president Charlotte Millington (Royal Jubilee local),

and Donovan Adlam (PHSA Amalgamated local) was elected 3rd vice-president. Senior trustee-elect Chris Batting (Prince George local)

and trustee Olivia Burgon (Queen’s Park local) were also elected. They’ll join Talitha Dekker (accounts receivable clerk, Kamloops/Thompson),

who was elected at the last convention and will serve as senior trustee for the next two years.

Delegates made history on Wednesday when they elected the union’s new diversity vice-president (DVP) positions and their alternates.

    • Ethnic Diversity – Cora Mojica (Vancouver General local), 1st alternate Belina Fernandez (Victoria General local), 2nd alternate Manoj Saxena (Royal Jubilee local)
    • Indigenous Peoples – Lynn Serhan (Armstrong local), 1st alternate Teresa Roe (Langley local)
    • People with Disabilities – Christine Edgecombe (CMHA Fraser local), 1st alternate Dane Philpott (Royal Jubilee local), 2nd alternate Natasha Cox (Buchanan local)
    • Pink Triangle – Darlene Bown (Victoria General local), 1st alternate Ronald Larsen (Becon local), 2nd alternate Kevin Dickie (Lions Gate local)
    • 2-Spirit, Women & Non-Binary – Lisa Kreut (Vancouver General local), 1st alternate Samantha Cartwright (Prince George local), 2nd alternate Judy Gicho (Aramark Critical Care Tower Surrey local)
    • Young Workers – Seyda Yalcin (Coast/VRC local), 1st alternate Nicole Nellaney (Louis Brier local), 2nd alternate Che Baines (Coast/VRC local)
    • Vancouver Island RVP's Elected: Ian Smith (Royal Jubilee local, South Island), 1st alternate Teresa McCoy (South Vancouver Island local), 2nd alternate Barbara Riggs (Royal Jubilee local), Phil Henderson (Arranglen, North Island), 1st alternate Kim Heaps (Arrowsmith local),  2nd alternate Crystal Christianson (Tri-Port local)